The purpose of this web page is to assist and speed up the use and development of interactive identification of biological organisms. It is supposed to be an unbiassed and non commercial forum and knowledge bank for both users and authors of interactive identification keys.

One of the first steps is to gather information and links to all (?) existing interactive identificaton keys in a database. An easy and efficient search tool helps you to find the keys that might interest you.

What is interactive identification?

The term interactive identification can give quite wide associations. A more accurate term can be "Computer aided identification". According to my oppinion a interactive identification key must add extra functionality compared to a conventional dichotomous paper key or field guide. Other terms that can be used are Expert systems och multi access keys.

This Web Page...

is published and at the moment maintained by me, Magnus Lindh. I however welcome more people to work with the page. Possible issues are rewieving keys, writing articles, building up a forum, extend and validate the keydatabase and more. I would really appreciate critique about the page.

I can be reached via e-mail. >>

The key database now consists of:

481 keys

One randomly selected key is:

Heukels´ Interactieve Flora van Nederland

This CD-ROM (in the Dutch language) is the first fully illustrated interactive multimedia flora of a...